Find out what is new across the site. Below are lists of the most recent versions for each component of the site, together with a summary description and a run down of all the changes in that version.

Great tools take a lot of building.

Our tools are free for everyone, but we want to make more and make these ones even better. If you want amazing technical support, feature requests and a say in what we build next, please consider supporting us.

  • 0.1.1hLatest
    • Updated Events App
    • Bug Fixes and Share Links in Events

  • 0.1.1Major Release
    • Updated Events App
    • Bug Fixes and Real-Time Extension Updates

  • 0.1.0aMajor Release
    • Overhauled App Router
    • Major Changes to app routing and testing

  • 0.0.11
    • Router Updates
    • Changes to route path and state for Apps

  • 0.0.10l
    • CSS Updates
    • Minor Style Updates and bug fixes


Producing customised views of your Google Sheets, with easy filtering and sharing

  • 0.2.1d-alphaLatest
    • Minor Improvements
    • Architectural Changes, Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements

  • 0.2.1c-alpha
    • Minor Improvements
    • Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements

  • 0.2.1b-alpha
    • Minor Improvements
    • Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements

  • 0.2.1a-alpha
    • Minor Improvements
    • Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements

  • 0.2.1-alpha
    • Feature Improvements
    • Installable in Google Drive and Lazy Scope Requests


Search folders individually, view sizes, starred files and perform bulk conversions

  • 0.0.7c-betaLatest
    • Bulk Renaming
    • Updated renaming to include regex search/replace

  • 0.0.7b-beta
    • Bulk Renaming
    • Renaming Files/Folders in Bulk

  • 0.0.7a-beta
    • Bug Fix
    • Bug for searching files in multiple simultaneous folders fixed

  • 0.0.7-beta
    • Bug Fixes
    • Bug Fixes and Documentation Updates

  • 0.0.6f-alpha
    • Improvements
    • Audit Features and Bug Fixes


Tag and filter your Google Calendar Events

  • 0.0.3a-alphaLatest
    • Bug Fixes and Share View Links
  • 0.0.3-alpha
    • Bug Fixes and Real-Time Extension Updates
  • 0.0.2a-alpha
    • Basic Functionality
  • 0.0.2-alpha
    • Basic Functionality
  • 0.0.1a-alpha
    • Event Loading

Organise your days with this simple, diary style, task list that stores your data in your own Google Sheet

  • 0.0.4k-betaLatest
    • Adding Tags
    • Ability to add Tags to existing items

  • 0.0.4j-beta
    • Ordering Improvements
    • Improvements in Ordering and All Day Events

  • 0.0.4i-beta
    • Bug Fix
    • Regression Bug Fix

  • 0.0.4h-beta
    • Improved Visual Layout
    • Widened Focussed Date and Colourful Social Tag

  • 0.0.4g-beta
    • Due By Dates
    • Due By Dates, parsed from details, now supported

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