Welcome to our place, open it up and find a collection of free web apps that integrate with the Google platform. They make complex and everyday tasks easier, faster and more intuitive.

Running entirely in your web browser and using the Google APIs, we enhance the functionality of the G-Suite apps (Drive, Sheets, Docs & Slides) for busy professionals. You can read our about page to find out more, especially about our strong privacy safeguards, our commitment to transparency and our technology. Learn about recent app versions, how to suggest ideas or check our technical and access requirements.

The apps are below and ready to use straight away, so jump in and give them a go!


Producing customised views of your Google Sheets, with easy filtering and sharing


Search folders individually, view sizes, starred files and perform bulk conversions


Tag and filter your Google Calendar Events


Organise your days with this simple, diary style, task list that stores your data in your own Google Sheet


Better coding with Google Apps Script

Shiny! Shiny!

Simple and secure text editing for Chrome


The Markdown Angel - publish Google Docs to a static Jekyll site

Sheets for iSAMS

Avoid downloading lists in iSAMS, open directly in a new tab

Cloudy Sky

Produce better spreadsheet reports from the BlueSky platform, directly in your browser


View tags in Google Docs

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