This website and apps rely on code from the wider open-source community. Below is a list of all external libraries that are used in this site, their versions and where you can find more information. A huge debt of thanks is due to all those who work to provide the highest possible quality open-source code.

The typography of this site uses a native font stack, to ensure optimal speed and legibility on your device. For headings and branding, we use an open licensed font called Cabin Sketch, served from the excellent Google Fonts service. We also use Material Design icons in some of the apps (as well as regular/miscellaneous unicode symbols) to provide a familiar and consistent visual language. Material icons are also served from Google Fonts.


Automatically adjust textarea height to fit text.


Base64 encoding/decoding in pure JS


This is a toolkit / framework for site design, layout and presentation.

Material DatePicker for Bootstrap (JS)

This is a UI Component to provide cross-browser date picking (on top of Bootstrap)

Chai Assertion Library

Chai is a BDD / TDD assertion library for node and the browser that can be delightfully paired with any javascript testing framework.

Chance Random Data Library

Utility library to generate anything random

Clipboard (JS)

Makes copying to the clipboard easier.


D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data

Day JS

Immutable date library alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API

Javascript Deep Diff

Javascript utility for calculating deep difference, capturing changes, and applying changes across objects; for nodejs and the browser.

Underscore Deep-Extend

Deep Extend Mixin for Underscore.js


An open source library that provides drag’n’drop file uploads with image previews


Directly download files from the browser (used for generated files etc.).

Google Javascript API

The Google Javascript Loader / API provides access to specific services and components, such as the Google Drive Picker (that can be found in many web apps).


This makes handling touch gestures in the browser easier.

Handlebars JS

Used for HTML Templating in the browser.


This is used to manage login / tokens for OAuth2 Services.


Screenshots with JavaScript

Humanize Time Durations

Javascript utility for converting millisecond durations to English and many other languages.

JQuery (Slim)

This popular library is used to manipulate the DOM, and HTML elements on the page.

JS Hashes

This generates cryptographic hashes of data and text.


This makes handling offline storage in the browser easier.


A fast data querying and manipulation library.

Moment JS

Flexible Parsing and Display of dates

Moment JS (All Locales)

Flexible Parsing and Display of dates (including locales)


Simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts

Object Hash

Generate hashes from javascript objects in node and the browser.

Popper JS

Utility for managing tooltips, dropdowns, popovers etc.

Quoted Printable

A robust & character encoding–agnostic JavaScript implementation of the Quoted-Printable content transfer encoding as defined by RFC 2045


This is used to convert Markdown to HTML on the fly.

Underscore JS

A functional utility library.


Javascript library for working with URLs


Used to generarate UUIDs (universally unique identifiers) in the browser.


Material Design Waves Click


Import / Output to Legacy Spreadsheet Formats.

XLSX Populate Library

Excel XLSX parser/generator written in JavaScript with Node.js and browser support, jQuery/d3-style method chaining, encryption, and a focus on keeping existing workbook features and styles intact.

JS Yaml

Used to parse YAML data structures.

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