Manage Equipment Bookings with Ease

Our new book app has just been release, read on to see how you can use it make managing equipment and resources a breeze.

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Dealing with shared equipment, managing resources and scheduled bookings. These tasks are always a bit of a pain. But do you really need to spend time and money on a complex new system? Google Calendar has resource booking build right in, and now there is an even easier way to access it!

Our Approach

Built using the Google APIs, our Book app uses exactly the same data stores as Google Calendar, so you can see and manage your bookings using our app, on the web or even native mobile apps.

We have added an interface to make booking equipmnent a breeze. Users can search for what they want to book, and check it’s availability during the day they need it. Want to group resources together? No problems. Want to book more than one device in a shared set? No problems.

Simplifying the Setup

If you already have calendar resources set up in your domain, then you can jump straight in. Otherwise, you can create new resources in the Google Admin Console, or within our app.

You don’t need to do anything else, your users can log in with their regular G-Suite account and the resources will be there, ready to book!

There is help and documentation available throughout the app - just look for the help buttons. For further information, have a look at our guide.

Of course, if you need further help or training, or would like to suggest new features that would work for you or your organisation - you can have a look at our support packages.