In G-Suite, users can have administrative privileges. These can be found in the Google Admin console. Any Super Admin or Services Admin has the ability to create or edit Google Calendar Resources.

However, it is rarely a good idea to grant more privileges than are necessary, as this can often lead to users making inadvertent or accidental changes. Therefore, it is sensible to create your own admin user ‘type’. This can be called something like Resources Admin and needs to have the Calendar -> All Settings -> Buildings and Resources privilege assigned to it. This will alow users who are part of this role to create, delete and manage resources.

If you would prefer to grant particular users access to manage the bookings for a subset of resources, this can be done from Google Calendar itself. Add the relevant Resource Calendar to your calendar list, and then go to Settings -> Share with specific people. You need to grant at least the Make Changes to Events privilege to the users you would like to manage bookings.


To manage bookings (e.g mark them as loaned and returned), edit permissions on the relevant resource calendars are required. These can be granted in bulk using our app, simple click Manage –> Permissions. Alternatively, then can be set manually within Google Calendar. In both cases, a G-Suite Super-Admin is required (initially) to set these permissions.


If you have added one or more Resource Calendars to you own Google Calendar, you can also opt to receive Event Notifications for bookings (when they have been added or created) or a daily summary of all upcoming daily bookings by email. This is very useful is you want to know what bookings are coming up during the day ahead. You can find more details about this from the Google documentation here and here.

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