A resource bundle is a custom package of similar resources, selected to do a specific task. Consider the case where an organisation has 10 cameras, 10 tripods and 10 microphones. In normal circumstances, most users would want to book one of each in order to go out and do some filming. As all the cameras are the same, they don’t much worry about which camera they book - they just need the whole package!

To support this, you can create a bundle with three elements. The first element is the cameras, the second the tripods and the third the microphones. When the user opts to book the bundle, the app will allocate the first available option in each of these elements and create a booking for three pieces of equipment (a camera, a tripid and a microphone). The user does need need to check through and see which items are available - they just need to book the bundle!

Creating a Bundle

First you need to navigate to the Bundle Management view (Manage -> Bundles). Here you can create, view and edit bundles. Click on the green add button to create a new bundle. Simply give the bundle a name (e.g. Video Recording) and add the number of parts / elements you need (in our earlier example, this would be three).

Each part requires you to tell the app how many are items are required in this element. In our example this would just be one for each part (one camera, one tripod and one microphone are required). However, we might also want to add filming lights, and typically we need two of these - so we could specify two if we were to add another part.

Allocating Resources

Once the basic bundle has been created, you can allocate resources to each part. This is where you can specify which cameras are ideal for the camera part of this bundle, which tripods etc. A resource can appear in as many parts / bundles as you like. It will simply get booked by the first user who requests it. If no resources are available (or less than the minimum number specified) the bundle cannot be booked for a particular time. Like individual resources and groups, the user will get a visual indication of availability - allowing them to tweak the timings of their booking to ensure equipment is available!

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