Groups are simply just labels. They are added to each resource as a feature, with a special formatting so that the app can understand them. The easiest way to manage these groups is to use this app to create or edit the resources. This way, the app will ensure that the formatting is correct.

Alternatively, you can also manage groups using the Google Admin console. Simply create a feature with a prefix of ‘PARENT:’. If you want the group to be named ‘Chromebooks’, the feature should be ‘PARENT:Chromebooks’.

Users can choose to book the entire group of resources (or any number of resources in the group, between 1 and the total number available at any particular point in time). They can also check availability, using the quantity slider bar on the booking view to select how many of the resource group they need. The availability display will then show when that number of resources are available (this allows for differential booking of resource groups).

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