A search needs to start from an initial folder. This can be any folder, a Team Drive or the root of your Google Drive. Once you have opened a folder, you will be able to click the Search command from the Folders menu.

Search Parameters

Search Dialog Screenshot

The search dialog box (shown above) allows you to fully customise your search, or use one of the shortcut buttons to pre-fill some of the parameters for you. You can mix and match by entering some of your own parameters, and use the shortcut buttons to fill in others. If you wish to lock a particular field to ensure it is not overridden when you press a shortcut, you can click on the lock_open / lock icons above the field.


A simple search (using just mime types, names and property=value parameters) can leverage the native Google Search API if you choose to search your entire drive. Complex and recursive searches will take much longer (potentially minutes, rather than seconds) so if you can use a simple search, then this will be far more performant. An example of this might be searching for items that are marked as confidential using tags. A search using:


Will, therefore, be much faster than:


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