A typical workflow in organisations is the need for a report to be reviewed and signed off if it is agreed. This is what Reflect helps you to do.


You can open a report directly (using the Open command on the Report menu within the app), from Google Drive (if you have installed the app using the Install command on the About menu) or from a button/link in an email.

If you have been granted the comment permission on the report, a Sign button will be visible at the bottom of the report. You will also be able to see any other signatures that have already been appended to the report. To add your own signature, just click the Sign button. If you have opened the report directly from an email, you may be prompted to authorise the app to have access to your Google Drive files (which is needed to add a comment to the report). Opening the report directly from Google Drive will remove the need for any extra permissions.


Your digital signature is a cryptographic signature, which is a secure method to sign the data that is in the report when you reviewed it. If the report is subsequently changed, your signature will no longer be shown within the app as valid. In this case, you might be asked by the report owner/author to review and sign it again (e.g. if they have added further evidence or corrected a mistake).


If the sign button is not visible, and you have comment access to the report, your browser may not support the secure cryptography features required. You can check whether it does by visiting our test page and checking whether all Cryptography tests pass.

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