When creating a View, you can opt to control the visibility of columns. These can be fully hidden while you are working with your data, hidden on both current and output Views, or initially hidden (but visible when required).

Adjusting Visibility

Hide Column Options Screenshot

When you have clicked on a column heading you can use the Visibility button menu (shown above) to control how a column is seen.

An initially hidden column in its visible state (below):

Column Visible Screenshot

The same column in it’s hidden state:

Column Hidden Screenshot

Changing All Columns

If you want to control the visibility of a lot of columns in one go, or need to restore a previously hidden column, then you can use the Show / Hide Columns command on the Settings menu.

Change All Columns Screenshot

The dialog displayed (shown above) will indicate the current state of each column, and also provide a quick route to the visibility of as many columns as you wish. Simply set the appropriate menus to your desired values and click the Apply button.

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