At the heart of View is the ability to quickly and precisely filter your tabular data. We support simple text filtering, so click on a column header and start typing - the rows will instantly respond to your filter. View allows you to find data much faster than a traditional filter or search operation.


All text is case insensitive, unless prefixed with $ to include or !$ to exclude. Starting with !! will invert the filter, showing only those results that don’t match your value.

Press esc to clear then close the filter, or enter to apply then close. To just close, click the column title again, or the × after the filter.

Filter Operators

Instead of relying on simple text filtering, you can prefix your filters with the following operators:

Magic Keywords

Past Filter Screenshot

There are also magical keywords, such past (above), future (below) and today which work with columns containing dates. These filters are all relative to the current date when the view is opened, so using them will mean your data is always correctly filtered!

Future Filter Screenshot

Multiple Filters

All filters are cumulative, meaning you can combine them to generate an AND filter, where each consecutive filter will be applied to the results of the previos one.

Two Filters Screenshot

You can add as many filters as you have columns if you wish, each filtered column will be highlighted to help visually identify where they are present.

Cumulative Filters Screenshot

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