Upcoming Apps

New tool releases in the pipeline

Great tools take a lot of building.

Our tools are free for everyone, but we want to make more and make these ones even better. If you want amazing technical support, feature requests and a say in what we build next, please consider supporting us.

Book Released!

Easily manage, loan and track your G-Suite calendar resources

Turn Google Calendar into an efficient equipment booking system.

Events Released!

Tag and filter your Google Calendar Events

Add and edit tags for your calendar events:

Docket Released!

Organise your days with this simple, diary style, task list that stores your data in your own Google Sheet

A different way to organise your time, focussed on what needs to get done.

Reflect Released!

Produce reflective reports, tracking your progress with evidence

Reflect allows you to record your achievements on a regular basis, collect and track evidence and share your reports with others. You can use our designed forms, tweak them or even build your own. Forms and your responses are stored in Google Drive so they are easily shared and edited.


Produce merged documents from your sheets data

Another merging tool for Google Docs, but a little better and with a few distinctive features.


Securely store account details in a Google sheet, with added encryption