A gradesheet is a Google Sheets output of all the classwork submissions in your selected Google Classrooms. It is a similar concept to the ‘Download Grades to Sheets’ functionality currently offered inside Google Classroom. However, our gradesheet offers loads of extra features to make it a much more useful tool!

Exampke Gradesheet Screenshot



To generate a gradesheet, you first need to load all the classwork for your selected classes (Overview -> Classwork). Once this has been fetched, you can filter by the classwork you wish to include in your gradesheet (using column filters or by removing rows).

Once you are happy with your classwork list, load the user submissions (Classwork -> Submissions). Once these have been loaded the ‘Gradesheet’ menu and button will become active. You can use these to create a new gradesheet, which will be done automatically into your Google Drive.

Legend / Key

Contextual information is conveyed in a number of different ways in the gradesheet:


The following symbols appear in the classwork title row;


Cell colours are also used to help highlight the contextual states too. Red cells indicate late submissions, green have been returned to students, blue have been handed in (but not returned) and yellow are assigned to students but haven’t yet been done.

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