Our classes app provides an easy way to add, remove or move teachers and students from Google Classrooms. As a G-Suite domain administrator, you can manage any classroom in your domain. You do not need to be a teacher in the classroom in order to do this. Teachers cannot add or move students in their classes, only invite or remove them.

Selecting Classrooms

The first stage to editing classroom members is to select the classroom/s you wish to manage. This can be done in a number of ways;

Filtering Classrooms

Once the Classrooms have been loaded, you can use the column headings to further filter them (add / remove actions will only apply to classes that are in the current displayed view). To do this, click on the column headings and start to enter your filter text in the filters. Full filter instructions can be found by clicking on the column name button on the left hand side of the filter. Most filters will allow wildcards, so you can use parts of a name or section to filter the classrooms.

If you wish to filter by teachers, you can do this too using the Teachers column filter. This will allow you to filter by teacher name (rather than email address). You may also remove a single classroom from the list by clicking on the remove row cross on the far right hand side. This remove the classroom until the list has been reloaded.

Managing Members

Individual teachers or students can be removed from a single classroom by clicking on the remove cross next to their name. You will be prompted to confirm you wish to remove them. By default, the list of students is not loaded until you have analysed the usage for the displayed classes. Once this is done, you can expand the student column (to the right of teachers). You may also move a student to a different class (or classes) using the directions_run button.

Under the Classes menu, you can find tools to bulk add, remove or invite teachers or students to the classes in the current view. Adding a member will not require them to accept an invite, wheras inviting them will operate in the same way as invitations issued via the normal Classroom UI. You can add / remove multiple members at the same time (all via email address) to make management more streamlined.

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