Cloning a folder structure, or duplicating a large set of files, is a rarely required task because sharing is normally the best way to achieve any collaborative goal. There are, though, some legitimate times when such a need arises. You might want to transfer files between users/domains, out of a team-drive, or make a working copy of a set of template files (e.g. re-using them on a new project).

When it is required, you will quickly find it’s a very laborious and boring task if you have to do it manually. With Folders you can achieve the same outcome in minutes, rather than hours.


You can clone an existing folder, or use our search tool to more deftly select the files you wish to clone. You could even use tags to identify common templates you might wish to clone for new projects!

Once you have chosen your source, you can click on the Clone command in the Results menu to begin the process. Remember that, if you need to remove a small number of files from the folder/results (as you don’t want to clone them), you can use the small remove icon (×) on the far right of the Actions column to clear those items from the current view. Those items will then not be cloned.

Clone Dialog Screenshot

The clone dialog (shown above) can be customised in the following ways:

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