Reflect ships with many built-in forms. These can be used straight away or can be customised to make your own versions.

Remember that reports, created when these forms are filled in, can be sent to individuals (such as tutors, mentors or administrators) for signing and approval. These people can be specified within the form itself, or at time of submission or completion.


Lesson Observation

A lesson observation form is commonly used to record the observation of a lesson. This one includes the UK Teachers’ Standard scale to allow areas of strength and weakness to be recorded against individual standards.

It includes the following:

Progress Report

A progress report, recording progress against various skills, including the following:

Teacher Grading

Ideal for ITT and/or NQT assessment, this form records judgements between ‘A: Excellent’ and ‘E: Weak’ for all UK Teachers’ Standards.

Teachers’ Reflective Report

This is designed to be a self-assessment form for Teachers undertaking initial training, NQT supervision or their professional development review.

Volunteering Report

The volunteering form allows for logging of hours of voluntary work undertaken within a given period (date span). It includes;

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