If you are looking for an easy way to export the values from your spreadsheet to a different spreadsheet format (e.g. for importing into a legacy system), then View can help you here as well!


View supports a wide variety of formats, including a range of legacy Excel file types, which expands the range of data export options that you already have in Google Drive.

Formats Dialog Screenshot

Exporting a sheet from Google Drive will convert your source sheet into the destination format (complete with all data, formulas and relevant formats). View is designed to export, rather than convert, data. It will therefore only export the actual values in your sheet, rather than any formatting or formulas.

You can also choose to export your filtered views (Export -> Filtered View on the Share menu), or the entire sheet (Export -> Original Sheet). This is ideal for scenarios where you only wish to export a subset of your data (excluding particular columns or filtering rows). Using View to export means you don’t need to create a copy of your sheet first to prune off unwanted data, making exporting much quicker and easier.

Export Scope Dialog Screenshot

Not every export format will support multiple sheets within a single file. If your chosen format does, then you will be asked whether you would like to export all the sheet tabs or just the currently visible one.


Once the exported file has been generated by View, it will be downloaded in your browser window, ready for whatever you need it for!

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